EMPTY NEST–a poem on letting go

Nest Made By A Beautiful Bird

Listen to the crow, brilliant in dappled light,

Outrage pulsing to and fro,

With fluff and caw sharp in her eyes,

and reproach a tone of deep forlorn.

My Nest is Empty,

don’t you know?

A twitch of feet and wobbly grit,

Leaves rattling as they part,

The long stretch of yard

bare and grim with bursting heart.

Will he lift his wings just so,

And dip and soar

or hide in hollows dark and dry,

Then burst forth with beak and voice

to rise ever higher in the sky?

Ah, My Child of paths unknown,

Your nest of sticks woven

tight and strong

Spread wings of fluff and

down and song

to reach a tree where you belong!

But come home, little bird,

When the wind is low

and find us on the hunt and pack,

Our feathers bright and dappled torn

with love unbound from nest

And thorn.

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