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And then there's recovery topics mixed with romance in TWICE BEGUN...



About the AuthorTwice Begun

Reina’s fiction has been recognized by organizations such as the San Diego Writers and Editors Guild, the San Diego Book and Writing Awards, and the Southern California Writers Conference. 
Also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, she teaches works with adults and children on issues such as family conflict, addiction, stress management, and life transitions. With her school counseling credential, Reina has specialized in helping young children adjust to life after divorce. 
Currently she lives with her family in San Diego.



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The House That Sneezed, Children's Picture Book (to be released in 2021)

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My sister Irene's site

This is my sister's recently opened site, filled to the brim with music and art.  Her song, "Love Again" will be featured on the audio version of TWICE BEGUN (coming soon).