Welcome to my website! R portrait


I write about people, places,  and things.  


I write because Life Goes On --And We Just Try To Keep Up.


Please sit down with me and visit a while. Catch your breath, pet the pets, sniff the flowers (avoiding the bees), and meet the family.  


Oh, and while you're here--please check out my new novel, SILENT BIRD. It's a story about healing and adventure and intimacy versus sexuality. My first novel TWICE BEGUN, which was a finalist in the 2013 San Diego Book Awards, is a story about the burn of betrayal and about finding love and comfort in the most unlikely places.


I hope you enjoy your stay....

My video trailer... coming soon!

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My sister Irene's site


This is my sister's recently opened site, filled to the brim with music and art.  Her song, "Love Again" will be featured on the audio version of TWICE BEGUN (coming soon).